View From the Sofa – Tactical Error

louise-bourgeois-fugue-2003Okay, so I did the run.  I’ve mentioned before about the oddness of how this stupid illness takes me.  I can’t walk on my running route and can’t run on my walking route.  Dumb, right?

So, today, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone.  I’m trying to learn at least a smattering of French in preparation for my visit.  I’m not expecting miracles.  But, I have a linguaphone course which is entirely on cd, so I ripped it, put it on  my iPod and started running.   I have a built in danger detector, so crossing roads, etc., is fine.   What I did’t expect, however, was to get so engrossed in the course that I overshot my route and ended up on an ‘unsafe’ road.

Panic ensued. Utter, utter panic. I may even have screamed, but it’s such a blur that I can’t really recall.   Seriously, from the moment I spotted I was in an unsafe area, I went into a weird fugue state and the next time I have any memory is essentially when I reached a place of perceived ‘safety’.  Again, I know how ridiculous this is.

So, luckily, the far end of the Portswood Triangle (Walking route) is the Costa Coffee Shop.   I found myself there.  Looking in the window of the Rose Road shop next door, I could see that I was puffed up and on the point of tears.  I think I managed to cover it just by saying I was hot, bothered and sweating because of the run.  Luckily, they know me and my running habits from a year or so ago and were terribly impressed that I had started up again.   Laughs were had.  I recovered.

The fugue state was odd.  I genuinely have no idea how I got from the unsafe space to the safe space.  Absolutely no recollection.

So.   No language learning while running.  Music is fine. Languages, no.

Jesus Christ I’m an idiot.

But I did the run.




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