View From the Sofa – Incoherent Political Rantings


434_terror_sammyc-sm1This is a rant about politics.

It’s unformed, written in one outpouring.

It may contain much rudeness, historically redundant comments and a poor understanding of *actual* politics.

May contain nuts.

I get very frustrated, as I’m sure you can imagine.  Never more so when politics rears it’s ugly head.

My political ‘career’ has always been to the left, sometimes more left than at others and although I loved the Labour Party with all my heart, the Labour Party I loved died under Thatcherism, as did most of the country.  Kinnock betrayed the Labours trust and set us down the path towards Conservative lite. After a brief moment of hope in the resurrgence of the labour left that came with John Smith – the name of an everyman if ever there was one – Blair compounded the Tory-Lite path for good.

I always found it baffling that the ‘left’ party was further to the right than the ‘centre’ party – remember when the LibDems were a viable option? Well, they’ve well and truly blown that.

Now, I’m reluctant to give up my leftwards leanings, but I can’t in all faith continue supporting the labour party. Not only are they too far to the right, but if they genuinely believe that Ed Milliband is a viable Leader, dear god the Labour Party I loved is dead and buried.   What every happened to policy? I mean for gods sake, does he really think that extending the Oyster Card over the entire country is a vote grabber?   For the love of God what about the people who are suffering under 35 years of Tory and Tory-lite demonisation?

Okay, okay, I know this thread is about me being agoraphobic, but it’s that that is making me feel so bloody impotent. Ordinarily, I’d be out campaigning, shouting a lot, presenting arguments, door-stepping, talking to people and running myself ragged in search of a socialist utopia.

All I can do these days is offer a bit of support to friends and fume as I watch the country fall to pieces.  Okay, my contributions may not have amounted to much, in real terms, but at least I was trying; I was fighting for what I believed in. I was convincing people to vote.

Whatever hip politicians say, the way to people is not through social media.   That’s the lazy option.

But all I can do is sit at home and fume and if it’s one thing I cannot bear, it’s armchair politicians who bitch about the state of the world and then can’t be bothered to do anything about it. And then complaining that when things don’t go their way, it’s the governments fault.   No it isn’t. It’s yours.

I’m fed up of people telling me that’s it their democratic right to not vote.  No.  It isn’t.   It’s your democratic right to have your opinion heard. You do that by voting.  Not voting is completely irresponsible and you have no credibility when you bitch about the lack of benefit you’re entitled to.  We don’t know what you believe if you don’t vote. Cries of “They never do what I want anyway” are utterly pathetic.  How do they know what you want if you don’t tell them? I have absolutely no sympathy with you.  Not an ounce. This coming from someone who does vote – and that’s a trial in itself – and get no benefits or support despite being unable to leave the house and having a disability. If I can do it, you have no excuse.

A governments job is to look after it’s people, not itself at the expense of their people.  You don’t vote, you get what you deserve.  Worse yet, you drag everyone else down with you because of your inaction.

So take a hearty round of applause there, boys and girls, you’re doing a great job and sticking your heads in the sand and blaming everyone else.

But . . . I left the Labour Party last year – after decades of support – and looked around for a suitable replacement.  The closest I got was Left Unity. I paid my subs for a year and after a few short months, realised that the bitching back biting and factionalistion and fragmentation of the Left was as alive and kicking as it was in the 80’s.  So, I’m letting my membership lapse.

UKIP?  No.  A thousand times no. I will have no truck with petty fascists.

Actually, I think UKIP is why I’m feeling so politically aggressive at the moment.  I cannot believe that people are even giving them the time of day.  It baffles me that a collection of arseholes that wouldn’t be out of place in Monty Python’s “Upper Class Twit of the Year Race” and being given space to air their filth and hate under the guise of ‘preserving Englishness’. I cannot believe people take them seriously!

People like Russell Brand?  I think his heart is in the right place, sadly his brain and mouth aren’t.  He should just shut up until he actually gets a grip on the real world and understands the real world implications of what he’s saying. From what I can see, his method of delivery is every bit as dangerous as UKIP. Advocating the politics of apathy is not the solution, Brand.

So, not by default, but saving the best to last…

The Green Party. It’s about leftism, fairness, looking out for people, looking out for the country.

I’m no political genius and not one for conspiracy theories but something sticks about The Green Party not getting airtime on the BBC debates. This seems particularly corrupt in light of them being ahead of the LibDems in the polls.

Since, the 80’s politics has not been about different ideologies.  It has simply been about a change of management.  THere is no difference between Labour, Conservative or LibDem anymore.  No one is offering anything approaching a new, workable and fair system of government.

Except the Greens.

Frustration does strange things. I’m stuck in doors and all I really want is to be going out and making a difference.  I can’t do that, so instead, have this incoherent rant.

We are governed by a corrupt  parliament ruining the country and destroying it’s people.  It’s made all the made more shit by non-voters.  Basically they are allowing extremists to take over because they can’t be arsed to stop whining and make a difference.

I bet you’re glad I’m not at the pub with you, right?

All comments subject to the caveat in the first paragraph.  No correspondence will be entered into.  The editors decision is final.  Exit via the Emergency Door.

To be honest, I probably wouldn’t even read it.




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