View From the Sofa – My Wings Are A Shield of Steel!

Godzilla-Facepalm1Okay, so I had a bit of a freak out today.

I have the Portswood Triangle, as you know, but even that isn’t all sweetness and light.  I have to traverse it in a specific way (if I’m on my own).  This includes a number of ‘tools’.  The two most commonly employed tools are:

a) The iPod, and

b) The bag.

The iPod is obvious.  My headphones go on, music is played and I don’t have to engage with the world.   Music transports me elsewhere. I can deal.  The bag, less obvious, but here’s how it works.

I have many, many messenger bags. One of them is slung over my shoulder and I become aware that it’s there, mostly because of the weight.  Between it and the music, my mind is taken off the horror of being outside. Sounds dumb, right? But it works.  It helps me leave the house.

There is a subcategory of ‘bag’ that comes into play while in supermarkets and that is  “The Shopping Basket”. While stomping around Sainsburys, I hold on tight, and have it right in front of me.  It acts as a Shield. With that, the weight of the bag distracting me and the headphones on, I can navigate Supermarkets.  I can only do a little shopping every day as baskets don’t hold a great deal, but that is designed to force me to leave the house daily.

So today was a nightmare.  I had the bag and the headphones, walked into Sainsburys, picked up a basket and walked off. God damn it, the cord got caught on the edge of one of the veg aisles.  I walked off and the headphone cord broke leaving the plug in to iPod and leaving me in the middle of the supermarket, without my helmet of sound. I had my shield and my armour, but that wasn’t enough. You don’t go into battle unprepared.

I was genuinely stuck as to what to do, did I carry on shopping or what? As it turned out, I simply couldn’t cope without my props. I dropped the basket and ran. I can’t leave the house on my own now, until new headphones arrive.  Thank god for Amazon Prime.


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