Marvel: Agents of SHIELD and what happens post-Doctor Who.

lateI’m a bit late to the party, but Marvel:Agents of SHIELD has surprised me. A great deal.

I was incredibly excited about this show when it announced and thought, in the wake of “The Avengers”, something spectacular would be pulled out of the bag. I wasn’t expected Thor, et al., but having enjoyed the comics, I was expecting something great.

We watched maybe four episodes of very lacklustre TV show and I went away disappointed. I don’t think I ever made a conscious decision to stop watching, it’s just that other things were more alluring. Coupled with a couple of weekends away, it just sort of fell off our radar and . . . y’know.

Now, this time last year, I was extraordinarily busy. A year later, I find myself at home twiddling my thumbs. We got Amazon Prime and the first season was there, free to watch. I was bored and thought “Why not?”.

So, I started again.

It was every bit as half-baked for the first few episodes as I remembered. The characters didn’t really work, the plots were a bit lacklustre it was all a bit blah. I almost gave up again, but with the lack of anything else to do, and assurances from friends that it did get better*, I stuck with it.

Then episode 13 happened. It went up a gear and  suddenly, rather than be a time waster, it become something worth actively watching. Part of that interest, for me anyway, was picking up on the “Mike Peterson” character from episode (I almost said ‘issue’) one and his slow transformation in one of my favourite characters from all of the Marvel Universe:  Deathlok!

I’ve said elsewhere on this blog that I much preferred the left-field, cosmic and more ‘out-there’ characters from the Marvel universe, so seeing Deathlok in the mix was a moment of complete joy.  Okay, it’s not the Deathlok from the comics, but unlike the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie, there is enough of the original in there for it to be able to take the name proudly.

Once the events of The Winter Soldier impacted on the show, a few episodes later, all hell broke loose and the show found its stride with a vengeance.  Within seven episodes, the main characters – with the exception of Coulson who always maintained his cool from the movies – dropped their annoyingly bland facades and turned into three dimensional characters.  Within seven episodes I cared about them; cared about what happened to them.

That’s a hell of a turn around.

Poor Fitz.

Oddly enough, the least satisfying part of the show, post-Winter Soldier was the character  “Garrett”.  I could believe he was a git.  I couldn’t believe he was a prototype Deathlok. I guess they needed someone to be the ‘corrupter’ but that bit just didn’t quite work for me, I’m afraid. Loved his casual demise though.

So.  I guess with the end of the last season of Doctor Who, I need to find other things to write about.   It’s getting to decent movie season again, after a very, very long summer drought ( the last movie I went to see was Guardians of the Galaxy in August!), so I guess they will figure, but with Agents of SHIELD season 2 having just started and Constantine chugging along, I’ll probably have a go at those. There’s already a Constantine one up, so I guess thats a given . . .

I’m sure you are all feeling terribly lucky and excited about my further incoherent ramblings right?



* “It gets better” is a phrase that is the bane of my life.  So many times, people have told me that a lacklustre TV show “gets much better if you stick with it”.  99% of the time, these people lied. It’s caused many arguments and alienated me from many friends, but I genuinely think that “Firefly” is appalling.  Not just dull or lacklustre, but truly, truly dreadful TV.  I gave up after four episodes, was given the above advice and sat through another seven.  It got progressively worse. I know there was only six episodes to go, but frankly, I’d rather have cut my own cock off with a rusty spoon than watch the rest of them. Still, Whedon seems to have redeemed himself . . . and some!


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