View From The Sofa – Drugs

Oh, that’s just

I’ve lost some of my drugs.  In all probability, I left them in a hotel in Norwich a couple of weeks ago.  I had more, so I’ve been using those, assuming that the ones we took away would still be in the washing bag we took with us.

They weren’t.  So I have no drugs.

Slightly panic stricken, I called my Doctor and told them the situation.  Their response was, essentially “Tough.  You’ll have to do without”. I have been prescribed drugs for that period and they will not re-prescribe. Now I get that this is something that I have done, albeit accidentally and “accidental” should be the key word here, but their concern, despite NOT having exhibited suicidal tendencies, is that I might use them for a suicide attempt.

So essentially, I have been prescribed two weeks of unpredictable behaviour, wild mood swings, general unhappiness and an inability to leave the house.   For the sake of 14 tablets and an accidental loss, that seems a bit harsh.

Good to see they are taking mental well-being seriously.


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