Constantine 1.5 – SHIELD Season 2

question-mark-suits_645x400I’m a bit worried.

News yesterday has stated that Constantine is running to thirteen episodes.   The back nine weren’t ordered.  No second season has been announced. This may mean that we’re only going to see thirteen episodes.

The series opener disappointed NBC and they’ve called a halt to the series.  They are aware that they may be onto a sleeper hit, though.  They have noted that it has picked up a lot of viewers as the season has progressed, but it might not be enough to save it.

We probably won’t know whether a second season will be ordered until well after transmission of episode 13 and all those stories that are being seeded might have to be either ignored or wrapped up quickly and wasted. Earliest estimates suggest April to be the time when we find out.


It’s a shame as the series really is getting better and better. As much as I’m not overly fond of Papa Midnite in the comics, the TV version is a lot more compelling and the dynamic between him and Constantine is pretty magnificent; each trying to out occult each other in an arcane pissing contest.

This episode also sees the introduction of Jm Corrigan who in the comics becomes The Spectre and this transition is foreshadowed by Zed’s rather disturbing vision.  IT’s actually a relatively standard Ghost Story in which vengeful spirits seek to . . yada yada yada… but it’s not really the point of the episode and takes a bit of a back seat.   The real story here is the introduction of Corrigan and the fractious relationship between Constantine and Midnight.

Zed also took a back seat serving merely as a vehicle to get people from one place to another and to spout a bit of exposition.

Not really an awful lot more to say.   It was a solid episode, but didn’t really push any boundaries.

Which bring me to:  Marvel: Agents of SHIELD.

Now, I had intended to review these as well, but I don’t think, in good conscience, that I can.   I actually seriously enjoying the series, but something has happened.

A friend of mine, someone I’ve known for about 30 years, who works in both TV and movies, visited me for the first time in several years.  He’s been a freelancing techie all this time, going where ever the work takes him.  It’s taken him to ABC and M:AOS. I’m surprised he hasn’t mentioned it before!

Now, for the most part, I’m unmoved by spoilers.  Someone saying “Oh ‘x’ dies” really doesn’t bother me.   What concerns me is the performance, the TV show, how it pans out etc., things you can’t get from a conversational aside.  So we talked about his current gig and he told me some spectacularly interesting things that are happening in this season.  He told me how they tie in with the MCU. He told me who is coming into the show and the fates of some of the characters. He told me a lot more than he ought to and swore me to secrecy.  Which I’m going to honour. So don’t ask.

With that in mind I decided to not say anything.  I can really talk about the episode without hinting about what happens next.  MY excitement about what is about to happen is too much to NOT say anything.  So I’m removing the temptation by saying absolutely nothing more.

Except that it’s going to be awesome 🙂

Of course this leaves me with nothing to write about except a seemingly doomed Constantine.

I need to find new stuff .


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