View From Le Sofa – Home again, home again, jiggedy jig . . .

Paris-view-sepia-TXTParis has thrown a few surprises at me. It mostly remains the Pais I knew and loved and it has been wonderful reacquainting myself with this beautiful, beautiful city. Some things have changed, I was surprisingly sad to see that La Samaritaine has shut down. La Samaritaine was a department store near the Pont Neuf where, on my first visit to Paris, I nearly lost my lunch. I’m not good with heights and getting into a lift that only reveals that the floor is made of glass once you rise . . . not ideal. I have two stories about Paris, heights and enclosed spaces that I may share on another day, but not right now.

Other things that have changed are the Carousel that once housed the most amazing Moroccan restaurant, Sanseveria has had a change of ownership and has lost a lot of it’s charm, Les Halles seem to be in the process of being renovated – and not before time and Chatelet has lost it’s moving pavements.

When I first visited, those travellators were straight out of science fiction.  I and my classmates had never seen anything like them before and we were utterly captivated.   That they spilled us out into Les Halles, a bona fide Shopping Mall – something that didn’t really emerge in the UK under five or six years later – we though that we were in the future.  We were utterly dazzled!

Now, the future has passed and in need of renovation and repair. I feel old, and nostalgic for the future.

So last night, I had a terrible nights sleep.  I had nightmares and woke up sweating and uncomfortable.  It didn’t take long, but I got used to feeling normal.  The horror of going back home to a life of insecurity, loneliness and abandonment is a world away from the warmth and happiness I felt in Paris.

The journey back saw me quiet and sullen.  Not even Inari pockets and Cornflake buns (at Yo! and Costa respectively) could really lift me from my poor spirits. I was snappy and unpleasant to Andy, and although I know why and Andy knows why and made allowances, I feel terrible about it. I guess the lack of sleep, fretting about life in Southampton is the main reason.

We got home, settled down with a cup of coffee and opened the accumulated mail.

Turns out our landlord wants to renovate the flat.  We have to move out.  We have a long time before we have to move, which is either a blessing or a curse depending on your viewpoint (Good that I don’t have to think out the stress and upheaval getting used to a new house/area/safe place is going to cause for a while and bad because I have 8 months of rising tension to deal with) but that’s the sort of news that can ruin a holiday in seconds.   Real life kind of sucks, doesn’t it.

Ah, post-holiday blues!   I think we’re all entitled to a bit of that.  Wait until tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll be more positive…and planning my next visit.


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