The Hobbit – Battle of the Five Armies

So there’s amazing band you’ve been following for ages. They put out three stunning albums. Seriously stunning albums. the-hobbit-the-battle-of-the-five-armies-2aAfter a bit of a break, the come back claiming they are going ‘back to their roots’ and the fourth album is overproduced but strangely lacking. The fifth album is a total dog’s dinner and the band break up in bitter acrimony.

Unfortunately, they have a contractual obligation to produce a sixth album and instead of something new, they do a ‘Greatest Hits’ package with a couple of remixes thrown in alongside a couple of new tracks.

As much as you loved the band, you resent paying a tenner for a bunch of tracks you already have, some stuff you didn’t really want and a couple of admittedly cool songs you can’t buy without forking out for the rest of the album.



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