Dreams and Video Games

I’m going through a phase of writing in the morning – it’s going well, thank you for asking – stopping for lunch and then playing hugesr2wallp1_1024 amounts of video games.  I’ve documented my obsession with Skyrim well enough.  I don’t need to go through that except to say that I’m currently doing the cold turkey thing with Skyrim.   I haven’t played since November 11th (it’s third birthday!) and I’m aiming to not play for some time yet.  This is partly because since Skyrim came out, I’ve bought loads of games but not played them.   I have a stack of things that need to be played.

So far, I’ve gone through Two Batman games, one of which was fun, the second so dull I didn’t bother with the third, Uncharted, Dragon Age Origins and I’m just about to start on Mass Effect 2 and 3.

Last time this major playing happened was when I was very ill.  I’d not long moved to Southampton and we’d got a PS2 to keep me amused while I recovered.  Andy and I absolutely loved Soul Reaver and eagerly awaited Soul Reaver 2.  When it came out, we played about half of it and I didn’t mention it again.   Andy was a bit puzzled as we started another game and Soul Reaver 2 just sort of faded into the background.

Eventually, a month or so after we had stopped playing it, Andy said “Don’t you want to finish Soul Reaver 2, then?”

I was confused and after a quick discussion, it seemed that I had actually dreamed about finishing the game. We hadn’t actually finished it at all. We went back to play the end of the game, and I have to be honest, the ending to my dream version was much better.  And the graphics were bloody awesome!



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