Age of Ultron Addendum

I’ve just heard that “Avengers: Age of Ultron” is receiving an extended cut Blu-ray release.Avengers-Age-of-Ultron-Fight-Poster-Fathead

Apparently, it’s going to be around three and a half hours long.  Now there are two ways you can look at this: firstly, you could think “Yay!  More Avengers!” or you can be a bit angrier.

In my review, below, I mentioned that the pacing was off, the editing was clunky, plot elements were mentioned and not resolved, there were some baffling lines that made no sense in the context of the movie and it felt rushed.  I even pointed out that this came as a massive surprise as Joss Wheedon is better that that.

I feel ripped off.  I didn’t go to the cinema to see two thirds of a movie. I went to see a satisfying whole. It’s incredibly dishonest to put out what amounts to an extended trailer out as a full movie. A three and a half hour movie at the cinema my be a bum numbing prospect, but I’ve seen longer (Nine hours of “Shoah” if you’re interested).  And there’s always the ‘intermission’ option at a push.

With, say, Lord of the Rings, the cinema cuts were edited in such a way that the story still flowed well and were satisfying individual movie. On the other hand, “The Abyss” was not.  It was obvious there was an entire plot element missing. Age of Ultron fell in the “The Abyss” category and was not a satisfying movie. It was clunky and unfinished and I left feeling let down. It should have been so much more. And now I know why. Disney are basically going to extort more money out of us to see the whole movie.

I just feel that with better writing and much better editing, it could have worked with a shorter cut. An extended cut would have enhanced it.  But with it being so shonky, it just failed to satisfy. I’ve long since held that superhero movies have the capacity to be more than simply powers battering the crap out of each other, and the MCU have been slowly building that up.  This edit is a serious misfire and feel like the Studio intervened, saying “Keep the action, they don’t want plot”. It’s 80s/90s horror all over again.

And what angers me even more is that I know that I’m so much of a fanboy that I absolutely will shell out to see the extended cut.

Curse you, Disney!


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