More About Poetry . . . A Swift Exit . . .


Okay, well I said I’d start up a poetry website and so I have. It’s unlike me to be so decisive, but luckily, I have my incredibly
enthusiastic partner in this project – Jim – to spur me on.

So far, there are around twenty poems published, from people all over the country and we’re waiting to receive more from people writing especially for us.  We’re also open to receiving from any decent poets who want to contribute.

What excites us most is that a number of publishers are now following the blog/twitter and a couple have even been in touch to say they are impressed with the content so far and are watching with great interest.

For three weeks work, I’m bloody ecstatic!

Anyway, I’ve put one of mine up today.  So if you want to have a look, go to, have a read, not just of mine, but some of the wonderful poetry from the small community of poets so far involved.

Anyway, the first poem on the site with my name attached:

“Three from Portland (2): Church Ope Cove”

Tethered kelp shakes

angry algal fists

at boy racer waves.


Reaching for shore.

Slow-time tides beat

lunar tattooes.


Oil black mackerel

taunt the shore bound;

Slick and shifting.


Wind whips; lips chapped;

horse-tail salt slaps.

Breathe in brine.


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