Doctor Who Season 9.02 – The Witch’s Familiar Spoilers? You betcha!

9275049-high-For the love of God, Moffatt!  You have death issues! We get it! Now, can you please stop ending every story in a fucking graveyard!

Aaaaaaaaaand breathe . . .

Okay, so after yesterday’s belated wibblings about episode one, how did episode two pan out?  Were my fears justified? Did it blow me away?

Well . . .

Bits of it blew me away. Bits of it were wonderful, but I can’t help but feel cheated, slightly.

The scenes between the Doctor and Davros, reminiscing and being vulnerable; wishing for a different past were beautifully written and performed.  Davros’ urgency in telling the Doctor not to lose the Time Lords again was a thing of beauty. Genuine lump in the throat TV.

How brave it would have been to follow that through and see Davros die, taking out all of those daleks left on Skaro. How cheated I felt when it was all a ruse. I sort of lost interest after that.

Missy, of course, sparkled . . . the line “Hmmm….. 20 feet” had me chuckling for much longer than is seemly and her dialogue throughout was rather wonderful. The stabbing the dalek if a hat pin ruse was hilarious and the upside down conversation was rather marvellous.

But, as I said, after the ‘aha! I’m evil really’ bit, it all seemed a bit hollow.

Followed by “Ah, but I knew all along” . . well it was in danger of all getting a bit Bill and Ted. Davros was never the preening villain; never the cartoon villain.  To have such wonderful writing turn into dumbed down pissing contests was . . . disappointing.

I’m not saying it was a bad episode, I’m not even saying they dropped the ball, as a feared, but I was hoping for something daring and memorable and as audacious as last week. Instead, we got the same old same old.  Hey ho.

The Doctor in Davros’ bumper car was fun and the doctor-without-hope is a theme that will undoubtedly reappear.

In fact a recurring theme seems to be hybrids. “Two Great warrior races” merge to form a hybrid capable of being greater than both . . .

Hang on . . . wasn’t that The Doctordonna? Is Donna coming back? Or is this something to do Clara being part dalek (again) this episode… what with dalek nanobots roaming through her system?

I didn’t understand why, other than fan-wank, there were so many different dalek types.  Was there any real reason for so many?  Especially as some of them were,  historically, in different factions?  It’s peculiar that in the episode where there were supposed to be many types of dalek (asylum of the daleks) they were a lot less prominent and mostly skulking in the shadows.  Here, where they have no reason to be there, they are much more prominent. Weird.

Goddamn it I really wanted this episode to be brilliant.

Fact is, it was okay, with flashes of brilliant.

Still, the ‘mercy’ payoff was a nice touch.

And poking Davros in the eye hilarious.

But that snake guy really is superfluous.

Still, some interesting themes, about friendship, change, hybrids, etc . . . wonder how/if they’ll be picked up?



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