So anyway . . . a novel by blogging. . .

Photography by Rainer L_0I’m writing this novel, right . . .

I’ve been working on it for bloody ages and it is now around 350k words long. Most reasonable novels are about 80k and 120k.

It’s essentially three stories that are related to the arrival of an alien artefact and the ripples it causes for a small group of people.

It’s pretty much one of those dreaded “trilogy” things that I loathe so much, except that all three stories bounce off each other and inform the other stories. You learn about what is really happening by piecing together the three stories.

It’s also not strictly linear with parts of one story intersecting with parts of the other story, although not necessarily for very long.

One of the stories is completely finished, another is almost finished and the final part is half-done and ties up the whole lot in a not-so-neat and open ended climax.

As an exercise in . .  um . . . something or another, I’m putting the finished thread up as a blog. It’s written as a diary, so it seems like a natural home for testing the waters, as it were.

It’s here, anyway.

This thread features Spiggy, Keats and Mook and is set in an abandoned school, post-apocalypse. There’s a lot of scavenging.

Should you wish, you could ‘follow’ or ‘subscribe’ and be alerted when a new page is added.

Should you wish  . . .





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