News From My Poetry Website


Over on, the poetry site James Oliver Firkins and I curate/own, the following message has just been published.  We are extremely excited!   Hope you are too…

“As you can see by the picture, we now have a title for the first anthology!  The cover you see here is a ‘first draft’. The book will also contain a small number of illustrations by Lou Wilson of “13 O’Clock” who took the photo and designed our logo.  Check out more of her fantastic work here

One of the things we have found difficult throughout this whole process is notsharing all of the excellent poetry we have received.  I think we made the right decision to hold some back as it means that “Absent Ginsberg” is going to be so much more than just a hard copy of the website. It’s going to be spectacular! 

The absolute deadline for submissions to “Absent Ginsberg” is 20th May 2016. So there’s still a couple of weeks to send work to us, if you wish to be included.”


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