Ghostbusters – surprisingly free from spoilers.

proton-packs.jpgThe original Ghostbusters, fact fans, is the movie I have seen most at the cinema. Thirteen times. Not by design, I think I only *meant* to go the first two times but after that there was a run of bumping into people who were on the way to the cinema and said “we’re going to see Ghostbusters, do you want to come?”  I could never think of a good reason not to, so . . .

The last time I saw it at the cinema was as a double bill with “Ghostbusters 2.” I bloody love Ghostbusters 2. Possibly even more than the first, if that seems possible.

Ghostbusters is an incredibly important movie to me. It’s one of those movies that define a certain era of my life, so ingrained is it in my psyche. We even played the Ghostbusters RPG, in one particularly memorable game, all of our characters ended up on the wrong side of the life/death rift and met their ghostly counterparts, the “fleshbusters”. Fun times

The constant announcing of Ghostbusters 3 got a bit tiresome though. I must have heard an announcement every couple of years. Around 2000, it looked like it might actually happen.  There was comic book support and a real sense that *something* was happening.

It wasn’t.


Anyway, long rambling story short, the proposed Ghostbusters 3 was transformed into a reboot and many people have been upset by this; mostly maggot-dicked fucktrumpets that live in Mom’s basement with nothing better to do that yank one out and make disparaging comments about women online, but who gives a shit about those assholes, right?

I can’t deny that I went to see the reboot today without a sense of trepidation. I *was* worried, not because it was a movie helmed by female characters, just . . . what if it was a genuinely awful movie? Would this make the fucktrumpets right?

Well, no, it wouldn’t because their argument was based solely around the argument that women were taking men’s jobs or some such 1940’s thinking., and not on the quality of the movie.

I’m happy to report that the quality is just fine! It wasn’t the best movie ever made, but then it was never intended to be – neither was the original, as it happens.

What it was though, was enormous fun. I mean, colossal, laugh out loud, ridiculous fun. From the opening scarefest to the downtown haunted parade, it was a riot.  That’s not to say it was perfect, it very much knew it’s limitations, but it was a blast.

It took most of it’s cues from the original and follows them, not quite slavishly, but certainly with enough familiar beats to please the fanboys. And with enough off the wall thinking to make the movie sing and be it’s own thing.

Well . . . almost.  There was this unpleasant  feeling that the movie was sort of apologising for it self throughout. That it didn’t quite believe it was good enough to survive without constant references to the previous movies; a bust here, a cameo there, a sly wink, a line of script… and that was pretty sad as it would have more than stood up to scrutiny without those things. They kind of got in the way, as did the star cameos. It would probably have worked better if it had been a sequel, but as a reboot and trying to be it’s own entity, it was ill-judged.

The cast – I’m sorry dickless naysayers – were wonderful. A more than adequate replacement for the originals and not pale copies or crass imitations.

There were sequences that were clearly ad-libbed that didn’t quite hit the mark and this was made noticable by the fact that the actual script was stellar! Fantastic, snappy, smart and funny. With the running time being a little long, some of these ad-libbed segments could easily have been trimmed.

The effects were perhaps trowelled on a little thick in places and occasionally the neon glow was a little much, but it was still a good looking movie.

Where it excelled, was with the relationship between the ‘busters. It was warm and funny; loving and supportive which sounds horrific, doesn’t it?  OH GOD THEY TURNED IT INTO A CHICK FLICK!!!

Nah, they didn’t. They turned it into a movie where the leads had fully rounded characters rather than two dimensional personality traits. I mean, you know I love Ghostbusters but with the best will in the world, the most fleshed out personality in those movies was Louis Tully.

I think the most peculiar thing about the moving was the pacing.   There was too much of it, but I wanted more. It dragged where it should have sizzled but the sizzling was delicious.

There were a couple of moments where a set piece had obviously been edited out (wait til the end credits, you’ll see what I mean) but the ending did actually need something to pep it up. Intercutting the credits sequence with the final battle would have made for a beautifully surreal ending. We got all the information, just just not in the optimum order, I think, which is a shame for although short, the final showdown was a riot.

The new arsenal lead us to some great gags and gave the movie a very distinctive feel.  The proton packs were still there and still badass but they had some serious competition in terms of coolness this time round.

There were some gags that directly addressed the internet hate campaign and overcoming it and overcome it, they did. It’s sad that there was even a campaign to overcome. Lets not forget that these were probably the same people that complained at Charlize Theron being a major character in the last Mad Max movie. The attitude baffles me.

But it overcame everything it needed to, excelled where it was supposed to and gave us a couple of hours of thrilling, rollicking, whip smart fun. 

For all the haters, It’s not going to ruin your childhood. You’ll get through and if you’re lucky, you’ll even grow up yourselves. 

Now, having given it a good review, I’m going to sit back and wait for my cheque from Sony….





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