Riverdale S1:E3


jughead-archie-riverdaleA bit of a breather from the Teen Peaks vibe this week. Last week’s cliff hanger was a little bit of a cheat, but lead onto a couple of interesting developments elsewhere and the possibility of rumbling Archie and Geraldine’s relationship.  The mystery of the gunshot is cleared up, but threatens to put someone else – who is entirely innocent of the murder – very much in the frame. The majority this week’s show, though, revolved around the school football team’s locker room practice of slut shaming and the delicious comeuppance of several of the perpetrators at the hands of Betty, Veronica and Ethyl.

The supernatural does suggest itself again with a be-wigged Betty Jeckyll and Hyde-ing it during the denouement of slut shaming storyline. Referring to herself and her ‘victim’ as two entirely different characters was gloriously schizophrenic.

And elsewhere, the previously aloof Josie softens and, as a favour, allows Archie in on their rehearsals. It’s a great meeting of minds and the co-written song is a blinder. However, Archie has been grounded.  Will he get to see the song he wrote performed?

I don’t trust that Scout Leader though . . .

And Jughead?

Well he’s only gone and worked out Archie’s connection to the murder . . .

Still no sign of Sabrina, but there was a reference to Madame Satan earlier. . . so all is not lost.

Dear God . . . I love this show!

And I really want a soundtrack album!




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