Vegetarians, Vegans and the State of My Arse.

downloadI have spent time as both vegetarian and vegan. I am neither of these things now, but have come to a condition that I am happy with and can live with. Without dwelling on the spiritual, economic or ethical arguments, I think it’s okay to eat meat, but there are caveats to that. I don’t think it’s the healthiest of foods and I don’t think anyone’s diet should be reliant on it. I despise intensive farming methods – having been brought up on a farm – and I’m appalled at what the majority of farming practices have become. If I eat meat, it’s more than likely going to be from an ethical source.

Occasionally, I’ll eat meat from a non-ethical source; usually if I get a take away. No excuses, I know what I’m eating and wont attempt to justify it. It’s what happens.

I don’t like people who preach and will ridicule anyone who tries to force an opinion on me. I appreciate the passion, but all the shouting and emotional blackmail in the world isn’t going to do anything for me except make me hate the person in question.

Reason and discussion, please. And inside voices.

With that out of the way, here’s an interesting observation or two.

We made a decision just after Xmas that we should cut back on meat.Partly cost, partly boredom, partly because we can’t get to  framer’s markets anymore. When we cook now, we usually manage about six out of seven days meat free – I’m not including dairy in this, sorry vegans – sometimes, we’ll go mad and have a bit of fish, on rarer occasions, we’ll have some meat. If we have a takeaway or eat out, we’re more likely to eat something with meat in, but we don’t eat out or have takeaway very often. Once, maybe twice a month.

Here’s the interesting thing. Bear with it . . .

I have an illness that affects my bowel. I’m not going to go into too much detail, but a lot of blood is involved as a result. Not to mention constipation!

Since moving towards a meat free diet, the problems have all but vanished. It always came and went in waves, but for a virtual full stop to happen is . . . not usual. This was thrown into sharp relief while on holiday – I’m actually still sat in the hotel room as I’m writing this; my husband is snoozing and I’m bored and cogitating.

Since being on holiday, we’ve been very lazy with food.  We’ve not found anywhere that does much in the way of meat free options – although there are veggie restaurants, they’re all booked up weeks in advance – so we’ve gone back to our old ways and done the whole meat and 2/3 veg thing for most meals.

It has been catastrophic. Both Andy and I have been sluggish, ill and bunged up;  the bowel problem is back with a vengeance.

This, of course, could be circumstantial and we’re going to repeat the experiment to see what the results are. Andy’s a scientist. One set of results would never be enough.

I doubt we would ever give up meat entirely, but should the repeat experiment yield the same results – and I’m 99% certain it will – meat intake is likely to reduce even further, perhaps to fish only. In all honesty, I’ve not really missed meat since we gave it a rest.The things we’ve eaten this week have been interesting because of the things served with rather than the actual product, so it’s not that big a deal. But if it’s going to tear my arse apart, I’d rather not continue down that route.

I will still take the piss out of militant veggies/vegans though.

It’s only fair.



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