The remnants, ground down,

were used as hardcore

for roads, built to prop up

shiny new tram lines

that would rush people

past the ‘dozer razed

haunt, with a nonchalant

hum. And parts were

harvested, while no one

watched, to be sold

as souvenirs or ‘the perfect

solution for your rock garden’.

The rest, unloved, hides

in a landfill site

in Beighton.


I dreamed of the rubble

as cemented seeds

in an unkempt allotment,

waiting for the right

conditions -in a far future

spring – to rise again.


From the first tentative

sprouts of bungalow,

to the thin foliage

of a sapling maisonette.

The thick forest luxury

of expensively clad

executive apartments

and finally, their blossoming

into luscious, fecund

deck access flats.


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